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The World Badminton Rating (WBR) is a proprietary tech tool designed to enhance player development and engagement. It provides a standardized skill index, facilitates progress tracking, and nurtures a competitive and connected badminton community.

The UBNext Program


Welcome to the UBNext Program, a transformative journey that redefines badminton culture by promoting innovation, diversity, and community. In partnership with schools and badminton clubs, our program offer a unique development path through three distinct levels of engagement, each tailored to different stages of a player's badminton journey.


PLAY • Introduction to Badminton

This level is designed for beginners and focuses on introducing the basics of badminton. Participants will:

  • Learn fundamental skills and rules of the game.

  • Enjoy the sport in a fun and supportive environment.

  • Develop a lasting love for badminton.

UNITE • Turbo Smash League 

The intermediate level, Turbo Smash League, brings players together in a competitive yet friendly setting. Here, players will:

  • Participate in team-based competitions and events.

  • Foster camaraderie and teamwork.

  • Enhance their skills through regular matches and structured training sessions.

EXCEL • UBNext Championship Series

For advanced players aiming to reach the pinnacle of their badminton journey, the UBNext Championship Series offers:

  • High-level competitions.

  • Opportunities to compete at national and international levels.


The UBNEXT Rated Championship Series is a prestigious tournament showcasing the finest badminton talent across Canada and the USA. Athletes earn their place through regional ratings in UBNEXT Recreation & Developmental Programs, highlighting peak performance in each category. This series engages communities by celebrating badminton's next generation of shining stars.


Together, these levels create a holistic development path that nurtures players from beginners to champions, ensuring continuous growth, community engagement, and a lifelong passion for badminton.

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