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In the heart of Denmark, where the game of badminton is woven into the cultural fabric, a young Viktor Axelsen discovered his passion for the sport. Growing up with the benefit of Denmark's robust infrastructure and a supportive community, Viktor honed his skills and rose to become the World's best men's singles Champion. 

But Viktor's dream extended beyond personal glory. He envisioned a world where badminton's thrill and elegance could captivate a global audience. This vision led him to North America, a continent rich in diversity and vibrancy, with an unparalleled entertainment culture. Here, Viktor saw the perfect opportunity to share his passion and redefine the sport on a grand scale.

In collaboration with a team of dedicated professionals,  the foundation was laid for UBX World. The aim is to establish UBXW as the premier global destination for badminton excellence, harnessing the vibrancy of North America's entertainment culture to revolutionize the sport, drive its growth, and forge unity within the badminton community. 

UBX World is not just about the game; it’s about creating an Ultimate Badminton Experience. UBX World provides a dynamic platform for badminton athletes and fans, delivering excellence through global events and innovative sports entertainment. The programs are uniquely yours, ranging from recreational activities and skills development sessions to a fast-paced professional league featuring the world's best talent. 

Beyond the court, UBX World offers lifestyle experiences that resonate with the modern sports enthusiast. Whether you're a casual player, a serious competitor, or an avid fan, UBX World has something for you.

Welcome to UBX World, where the future of badminton begins.

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