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Chief Executive Officer

In 2012, Henrik Axelsen traded in his advertising business of 26 years to launch a sports management agency specifically dedicated to building the Viktor Axelsen brand.  Viktor's talent and commitment to badminton has resulted in his titles of World Champion and Olympic Men's Singles Champion.  Building on the accolates, Henrik's expertise and leadership as the CEO of the VA group of products has made the brands internationally recognized and synonymous with excellence.  Over the years, Henrik has cultivated strong relationships with global stakeholders, providing valuable insights to shape, negotiate and deliver new products to the global badminton arena which is central to mobilizing the Ignite Badmiton Global mandate.

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Chief Growth Officer

Patrice brings more than 20 years of experience leading high performing teams in National Media, Corporate, Non-Profit, an d Government industries. Her unique strengths and expertise support the vigorous expansion of IGNITE BADMINTON GLOBAL community driven model to deliver innovative programs and engage key partners

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Chief Operations Officer


Howard Bach has been involved with Badminton since the age 5 with his first exposure being at the local YMCA. At the age of 16 Howard was invited to train full time at the Olympic Training Centre in Colardo Springs. Howard was the first American to win the world championships in 2005 and retired from competitive badminton in 2013. With 20 years of coaching experience Howard is the Co-Founder of Synergy Badminton Club located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is actively involved in the grassroots development for the sport locally and nationally

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Chief Operations Officer


Charles Pyne has taken his experience as a professional athlete and channeled it into more than 18 years of coaching experience, ranging from novice to olympic athletes.   Active in strategic planning and operations of start-up badminton facilities and programs led to him founding the Ignite Badminton League. Through his efforts of successfully organizing numerous leagues, tournaments, and exhibitions over the past 10 years has now evolved into IGNITE BADMINTON GLOBAL

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Chief Marketing Officer

Romy has been in the media, branding, and marketing industry for 20 years. His experience in the Los Angeles Hip Hop Celebrity Industry has provided him with deep understanding of influence, community, and public messaging. He brings to IGNITE BADMINTON GLOBAL brand consistency, message clarity, and excitement through innovative visual design

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